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Vytautas and Naras


I am Vytautas, the husband of a wonderful wife Nijolė and the father of three great children: Medo, Mėtai and Viltė. We call ourselves sign language wanderers because we all communicate with each other in sign language because we and our wife do not hear the surrounding sounds and at the same time, we all see the beauty of Lithuania and the world in wanderings. I have loved animals since I was a child, and most of all we have been friends and travelling with dogs. While abroad, I learned that there are such special dogs for the deaf it was interesting to know what such dogs pay for and how they help the deaf. And when I unexpectedly announced the opportunity to participate in such a project, my wife and I thought, why not try it, and to the great joy of the children, a chocolate Nara appeared in the family. We hope that it will help us to travel safely daily, especially when travelling and to respond to the necessary noises, such as a call on the street, or a car coming back from behind, or a cry from children if they feel insecure. The diver is growing up and has already become a true member of our family.