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I (Ajana Lolat) grew up with a disease called Cerebral Palsy. According to the data of the Institute of Hygiene, there are over 4 thousand people in Lithuania having this disease. Remembering all that my family has experienced as a result now as an adult, I have decided to honour the efforts of my parents and establish a foundation that bears patience, faith, and love for everyone facing this disease. We do it with a smile and with all our hearts.

The establishment of the Assistance dogs Program in Lithuania is the latest project of the foundation to show the value and beauty of disability, overcoming the stereotypes of illness or weakness that have existed so far.  

A Chinese symbol found in the logos of both the foundation and the assistance dogs is called Tai Loi. These words are derived from the verses of Confucius and translated as happiness returned. That is what we hope to bring to all we meet along the way.

Dog is chosen as foundation character, not only to reflect the areas supported, but also because of the broad heart, insightful mind, and ability to help others. Being infinitely playful and sincere, dogs find their way to each of us: cheering up even the saddest and loneliest hearts. We hope that dogs will lend this ability to the foundation, and together we will create sincere joy in people’s with disabilities hearts.